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Interview avec Make The Girl Dance (Greg Kozo et Pierre Mathieu)

MTGD 2 - carre

Salut Greg ! Salut Pierre ! Ça fait longtemps depuis ma première interview avec vous l’été 2011. Make the Girl Dance avait joué pour le public francophile de l’Alliance Française à Washington, à tel point que l’ambiance si explosif et énergisant de votre musique reste toujours un bon souvenir pour beaucoup de vos fans, surtout en jouant les plus connus « Baby Baby Baby » et « Kill Me ». Il me semble, par contre, que… Read More

Interview avec le directeur et l'interprète de LEO


LEO redéfinit la réalité en suivant les aventures d’un homme dont le monde ne consiste que d’une seule pièce, mais qu’il réussit à transformer en monde magique.  Réalisé par un tour de perspective, LEO ne connait ni la gravité ni les frontières. Directeur Daniel Brière, et l’interprète du spectacle à Washington, William Bonnet, ont accepté de participer à un interview avec Diana Murray Watts, bloggeur de l’Alliance Française. LEO sera présenté à Artisphere du 15 au… Read More

Life in the White House through the eyes of Tangi Quéméner

white house

The following conversation stems from an interview with Tangi Quéméner, the White House Correspondent for Agence France Presse (AFP) and author of the book Dans les pas d’Obama. In the new book, Quéméner shares his experiences and anecdotes as a reporter who has been following Obama since late 2009. I had the chance to speak with this world-renowned journalist at the book launch event held at the Alliance Française last… Read More

Dans les pas d'Obama (Book Review)

Barack Obama

Sitting by the window inside a local café in Detroit, Michigan, I have just finished reading an atypical book about Barack Obama: Dans les pas d’Obama by Tangi Quéméner. Written by the only non-native English-speaker  to follow President Obama every day( on a commission by the prestigious Agence France Press, AFP), this interesting collection of anecdotes in French comes across as a refreshing new take on this globally recognized figure… Read More

Fête de la Musique 2011


The Fête de la Musique, a well-known tradition in France that takes place each year on the 21st of June, is a magical adventure for the eyes and ears. The spirit of the Fete was brought alive by the Alliance Francaise de Washington last Friday evening, with crowds strolling in as the summer sun set in the western sky. Six local bands and a DJ performed, each set up at… Read More

Music to Turn our Heads Around

The made the girls (and boys) dance! (photo by Pablo Manríquez)

They did it again: they made everybody dance. With a sold-out show, Make the Girl Dance made its hip appearance at the Napoleon Bistro Lounge last February. On the basement level where this French DJ duo played, their creative sound waves made all girls – and boys – dance and have fun à la française. After their long-lasting performance, Pierre Mathieu and Greg Kozo from Make the Girl Dance answered… Read More

La Belle Affaire

"Angelo" et "Zak"

It was an afternoon of misty rain, and something unusual was happening at Kalorama Park. A small, wooden stage was being set up, and behind it rest a black, rectangular box where fun props were being laid. Discretely under a tree, Aurélien Kairo and Abderzak Houmi were going over their routine, wearing their warm-up outfits. In a few moments, they would transform into “Angelo” and “Zak”, respectively. As more people… Read More

Sailing on Words

Barcella at the Alliance Française

“If you had the possibility, imagine all the things you could change in your life”… these are the lyrics to one of the songs performed by Mathieu Barcella at the Alliance Française de Washington last April. Barcella and his guitar were framed by a window view of the sky at dusk, and in front of them, an audience of attentive listeners who kept tapping their feet as Barcella filled the… Read More

“Everyone should be able to be Catherine Deneuve"


Who would you be if you could become someone else? And why would you want to change who you are? These were some of the initial rhetorical questions that inspired Pierre Notte to produce the drama “Moi Aussi, Je Suis Catherine Deneuve” (Me Too, I am Catherine Deneuve). For two consecutive days in April, this French drama was brought to the Source Theater by the Alliance Française de Washington, the… Read More

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